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Information will be posted soon, meanwhile for more information you can contact the parish office.


COPIES OF: 1. Child's Birth Certificate. 2. Proof of talks (NOT ONLINE) of parents and godparents. 3. Marriage certificate from the church of parents and godparents. 4. Official identification of parents and godparents. 5. Potato proof of address. - If the parents are not married in the church, present proof of baptism, confirmation and first communion. - If the parents are not married in the church, the godparents must be and present proof of the ecclesiastical marriage for accreditation. - When the godparents are single (only applies when the parents are married to the Church) they only present their Certificate of Baptism.

Costs and Payment

Reports at the Parish Notary Public at telephone numbers 415 152 0544 and 415 152 4197.


Steps to Reserve

3 years TEDEUM

In Mexico, the tradition of presenting children to the temple has its origins in the time of the Reformation. At that time, a thanksgiving mass was offered for the life of the infant (boy or girl), since it was considered that at that age it had already consolidated its existence, given the high infant mortality of the time.


Check availability at the parish office.

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