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Pastoral Liturgica

The parish Liturgy team is a varied and representative group of the community, encouraged by the advisor and encouraged by a process of constant formation, they prepare, collaborate and animate the assembly through the charisms of the reader and the psalmist within the assembly gathered in the name of the Lord so that he may participate fully, consciously, actively and fruitfully in the liturgical action. Following the call as baptized, the members of the parish Liturgy team carry out various functions as a service to the assembly, monitor, acolyte or helper, being the best known as reader and psalmist. Spirit of service and communion, knowing the Christian community, wanting to improve the quality of the celebrations are some of the qualities necessary for any lay person who wishes to participate in the parish liturgy team.


WhatsApp or Telegram, to the number 415-113-7664, with the Coordinator, or to the email

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