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Apostolado de la Oración

The origin of the Apostleship of Prayer is due to the 4 apparitions of Jesus Christ to its founder St. Margaret Mary of Alacoque in the years 1573-1574. Currently it has its own organization, which adapts to the various circumstances of things. The General Director of the Apostleship of Prayer is the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, who can delegate his position to another of his choice. In each Diocese, one or more Diocesan Directors may be appointed if it seems appropriate for special reasons, who will be priests appointed by the local Ordinary. In order for one to be a member of the Apostleship of Prayer, registration or another external sign is required with which he expresses his desire to be a member to the local Director or his delegate. PROGRAM FOR THE SPIRITUAL LIFE: 1. The Sacrifice of the Mass with the daily offering. 2. The cult or spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 3. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary 4. Willingness to feel with the Church 5. Asiduous request to pray. THE 12 PROMISES OF JESUS ​​TO THE DEVOTEE OF HIS SACRED HEART 1. I will help you fulfill your mission. 2. I will put peace in your families. 3. I will comfort them in their troubles. 4. I will be your refuge in life and in death. 5. I will bless the works entrusted to me. 6. I will draw sinners to my mercy. 7. I will bring the lukewarm to fervor. 8. I will make perfect in love those who are fervent. 9. I will bless the houses that are consecrated to me. 10. I will soften hardened hearts. 11. I will engrave in my Heart, the name of the one who engraves it in that of his brothers. 12. I will come with the final help of my sacraments, to everyone who receives Communion on the first nine Fridays of each month.


415 113 9805 Mrs. Mary Pereyra Villanueva (Coordinator)

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