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Pastoral para la Comunicacion

As a meeting, reception and service organ, this ministry promotes and encourages communion through communication, inside and outside the Church. The Pastoral of Communication directs its pastoral action in two aspects: The Pastoral in the media and the pastoral from the media. Specific Objectives: Propose, encourage and accompany communication, information and training for the correct use, management and development of pastoral communication in promoting the values ​​of the gospel using technology within the mass media. To be a communication ministry with solidity, maturity, institutional experience and an excellent relationship with the media. Create a new institutional image of the Web, Social Networks, Parish Mural. Use the most effective youth media to evangelize (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.) Renewal of the Parish Mural Newspaper. Create communication manuals and functions, information flows, responsibilities, maintain a good relationship with all instances. Operational Manuals, Functions and Responsibilities Prepare a plan of those responsible, an attractive project for the parents and the apostolates. Form communication pastoral team When? By Appointment Who can request it? Anyone who likes the media How much does it cost? Free of charge


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