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Alianza de Amor con el Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The Covenant of Love with the Sacred Heart of Jesus is raised in the Church by the Holy Spirit through Blessed Concepción Cabrera de Armida, approved by decree of the Venerable Ramón Ibarra y González, Archbishop of Puebla, on November 3, 1909, and founded on November 8, 1909 in the city of Puebla de los Angeles, Mexico; and recognized with pontifical right on October 26, 2006 by Pope Benedict XVI. We have advisors and facilitators to teach the topics. To mention some topics: 1. Founders of the Work of the Cross 2. Word of Life 3. Evangelization 4. Human Area 5. Spirituality of the Cross Requirement to belong to Covenant of Love is that they have turned 18 years old


415 152 6609 Ms. Eva Grimaldi Diosdado (Coordinator) 415 154 4765 Mrs. Concepción Pereyra Villanueva Web:

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